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11 years celebrating films shot with smartphones from around the world brings international filmmakers to San Diego


Online PR News – 18-August-2021 – San Diego, California – S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) presents the 11th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival, taking place at Marina Village Conference Center on April 29, 30 & May 1, 2022, featuring international smartphone filmmakers and industry participants.

IMFF is the first film festival to encourage making cinematic movies with phones in a traditional live in-person film festival event that only accepts films shot with mobile phone cameras.

IMFF seeks film submissions for narrative Feature Films and Short Films of all genres. Regular deadlines are October and November 2021.

Sponsors FilmConvert, Moondog Labs, and Filmic Pro will provide prizes to the winners. Trophies are provided by Engraving Pros.

IMFF is a unique platform and global pioneer launched in 2009 by Susy Botello, in San Diego. The festival attracts international filmmakers to San Diego each year to screen their films and celebrate the smartphone film making movement.

Tickets prices range between $25 – $60. The festival is open to all age groups, with discounts for children.

Attendees will meet and discuss making movies directly with filmmakers, watch films, learn how to make their own films using their smartphone cameras. SBP is organizing the program.

All short films range between 1 and 5 minutes each with the exception of three narrative feature films.

The Awards will be presented Sunday, May 1st. Attendees of all ages leave the festival inspired to make movies with their own smartphones.

IMFF hosts a very unique red carpet show titled the “Red Carpet Extravaganza” with sponsors Star Wars Steampunk Universe, a cosplay charity group that includes “Dude Vader.” Group members accompany each participating filmmaker on the red carpet as spectators cheer them. The red carpet goes beyond posing for photographers!

More information is available on their website:

Alexandra Guillossou in Missouri, USA says, “I absolutely loved this festival! Susy Botello does an incredible job hosting and making the festival much more than a film showing. It was inspiring to meet the other filmmakers, presenters, and sponsors and to share in our love for making mobile films.”

“Amazing film festival. Excellent communication in the lead-up. If you’re lucky enough to attend, organizer Susy Botello will go out of her way to make sure you have the best film festival experience you could ever expect. Features include great workshops, taking part in filmmaker Q&As, and ample networking opportunities. Susy is a true champion of the smartphone filmmaking community. Don’t hesitate to enter!” said Brian Hennings in Perth, Australia.

Festival Sponsors 2022: FilmConvert | Engraving Pros | Moondog Labs | Filmic Pro | Mobile Film Stories | Star Wars Steampunk Universe | Swords & Circuitry Studios

International Mobile Film Festival launched in 2009 in San Diego county by S. Botello Productions™ (2006). Founder Susy Botello created International Mobile Film Festival as the centerpiece of an organic strategy to expand and support mobile filmmaking as a distinctive art form worldwide. IMFF brand name International Mobil Film Festival ™. Susy Botello created the non-accredited San Diego Mobile Film School (2012), Mobile Film Stories as the first streaming service for smartphone films and videos (2020), and is the host of SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking (2017).

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Market Demand Growing Globally for Smartphone Movies and Videos 

SAN DIEGO – S. Botello Productions™ today announced the groundbreaking launch of, the first-ever Pay Per View multimedia platform for production, distribution and viewing of mobile films nationwide and internationally. 

“Mobile films are the next big thing for the future of the film industry,” says Susy Botello, the pioneering founder and CEO of S. Botello Productions™ (SBP), which in 2009 established the critically acclaimed annual International Mobile Film Festival. “ allows people to view the best mobile films and videos from around the world, support their favorite filmmakers through our Pay Per View showcase, and learn more about the expanding field of smartphone filmmaking.”

The innovative platform offers an online video-streaming service and community uniquely positioned for smartphone filmmakers and their diverse audiences. (MFS) provides an open space for the public and filmmakers – aspiring, novice and seasoned alike – to learn more about the mobile filmmaking process through best practices and educational resources. MFS also supplies the latest news and information, interactive communication, collaboration and unique networking opportunities for the emerging global mobile film market.

“With the exponential growth of smartphone usage, the market and consumer demand for mobile films is on the verge of skyrocketing internationally, especially with new advances in mobile, digital and virtual technology,” notes Botello, who also hosts the popular SBP Podcast

The number of smartphone users worldwide is estimated to be nearly 4 billion by 2021, according to, and “is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.” Moreover, about 96% of Americans across a broad range of demographic groups own smartphones, according to Pew Research.

Some of the mobile films on MFS are available for anyone to view free of charge. Others are placed behind a paywall, based on the length of the film or video – with unlimited viewing within a specified time period. Mobile filmmakers may submit their films and videos for consideration to be featured on the platform for Pay Per View (PPV) streaming and receive payment. Films selected for PPV are prominently featured on MFS and widely promoted on social media. 

“ is the best platform for smartphone filmmakers to gain global recognition and increase their earnings,” said world-renowned director Conrad Mess, the most awarded iPhone filmmaker throughout the industry.

Mess, who is based in Spain, added: “I have known and worked with Susy Botello for more than 10 years. She is a visionary pioneer who is one of the most passionate professionals in the mobile film industry.” 

Among its many benefits, MFS allows mobile filmmakers to:

  • Showcase their films on an internationally-recognized and accessible platform, 
  • Generate PPV revenue from their projects on a recurring basis, 
  • Inspire others by example to use smartphones to tell their own stories, and
  • Find potential collaborators worldwide for mobile film projects. 

“As trailblazers in this trending industry, we are well ahead of the curve and well connected to the increasing community of mobile filmmaking professionals around the world,” says Botello. “We are excited to empower storytellers anywhere on the planet to reach their full creative potential through the novel art of mobile filmmaking.”

Additional information about MFS is available at Further information about SBP, based in San Diego, can be found online at S. Botello ProductionsInternational Mobile Film Festival (including procedures and submission deadlines for 2021), SBP Blog and Medium. You can also find SPB on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PinterestYouTube and Vimeo.