Inspiring Filmmaking Storytellers

San Diego’s got an international film festival which is global. It only accepts films shot with smartphone cameras and it’s hosting the 8th edition April 27 & 28, 2019 in beautiful San Diego.  … More Inspiring Filmmaking Storytellers


Your Idea Could Be An Iceberg

In journalism there is this concept called the “iceberg theory” which I believe in, not just in journalism but in a lot of things, especially in the phenomenon of how things come to be in society. The iceberg theory, in my own words, is the belief that underneath the stories we hear about is the “real” story. That what we see and hear is just the tip of the iceberg. … More Your Idea Could Be An Iceberg

Celebrating Global Mobile Filmmaking in San Diego

Our film festival is not only for filmmakers to participate. Our festival attendees don’t just come to watch films and sit through the Q&A and other presentations and Awards Ceremony. All attendees are encouraged to be a part of the celebration because we focus on the fact that everyone has a phone or access to one. … More Celebrating Global Mobile Filmmaking in San Diego