A Little History Moving Fast

Selfie Slate photo by Susy Botello, February 20, 2016.

This photo was taken in 2016 by our founder Susy Botello and it’s a selfie slate. 

A little history about Motion Pictures: It may have begun with a toy called the phenakistoscope in 1832. In 1840, supposedly, Alexander Wolcott invented the first camera that produced photographs. 

In the 1870’s Eadweard Muybridge made a bet regarding horse races and worked with different cameras to produce the first “motion picture” with 12 photos of horses galloping on a racetrack. 

In the late 70’s a projector was built and the photos were mounted to screen the motion picture to an audience in San Francisco. 

It’s all a series of inventions from there with motion picture cameras and the idea of entertaining audiences. 

But the motion picture industry has been in the hands of a few privileged people until the 1920’s when the first home movie camera was created, a 16mm film camera. 

As affordable as it was, cameras continued to improve for home users. But the most accessible camera which will go down in history as the most popular and versatile…home videos and pro movies for the big screen is the phone you are using to read this on right now.

The democratization of filmmaking is the democratization of storytelling where every human being with a desire to turn a story into a film and share it with the world is a reality that used to be a dream. 

International Mobile Film Festival’s slogan has always been: The red carpet is in your pocket!™

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