A 15 Year Journey

March 2021 marks 15 years since we began our media production company. S. Botello Production™ has garnered a reputation providing its services on a local level. SBP was established in 2006 by its founder, Susan aka Susy Botello. Her reputation as a professional brought integrity to our brand.

It was in 2009, when SBP created an international platform: International Mobile Film Festival. Susy spent almost three years calling on humans around the world to create films using cell phone cameras with a promise. The promise that she would showcase their films on a big screen in San Diego in the festival. She promised to roll out the red carpet for anyone willing to come present them.

Inaugural International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego April 2012

It was in 2011, that the first film was submitted and it took almost a year later to receive more. It was in late March when she awaited an answer from Grossmont College to sponsor the festival the following month. Word finally came with a few weeks to spare and the inaugural event took place during the last weekend of April 2012. The festival brought 9 total films to the large screen, a workshop, Q&A Panel and presentations from the filmmakers and, of course, a red carpet “walk” and awards ceremony. Immediately after the festival, a publication in the U.K. published the success of the winners on the first film festival of its kind.

The Red Carpet “walk” has turned into an Extravaganza with the sponsorship of the Star Wars Steampunk Universe group accompanying the filmmakers on the red carpet every year since 2017. Photo by Susy Botello

Today, there are a few hundred festivals spread around the world accepting films shot with multiple mobile devices including iPads and GoPros. Our film festival remains a pioneer exclusive to only accepting films shot with mobile phones and has expanded to include a separate feature film competition. Filmmakers from all over the world have attended our film festival in San Diego, they have traveled from as far as Australia, Indonesia, Italy and the U.K., just to name a few, to celebrate making movies with smartphones, make new friends, network and more. Some filmmakers have submitted and attended more than once, including one from as far away as Perth, Australia.

In the inaugural festival event, an announcement was made that SBP was partnering with two filmmakers, Conrad Mess in Spain and Max Schleser in New Zealand, to create the San Diego Mobile Film School (non-accredited). Max Schleser came to help launch the KickOff of the school with a three-day master class in February 2013.

Max Schleser (right) with Perry Dixon (right) and Jeff Turboff.

It was in 2016, when Susy Botello was invited to the San Diego Comic-Con International to present a mobile filmmaking panel representing the festival. She was invited back each year through 2019, the last conference before the pandemic in 2020.

In late 2017, Susy launched a dedicated podcast to give a voice to mobile filmmakers, the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking. And in September 2020, during the pandemic, SBP launched the first smartphone film and video streaming service in the world: Mobile Film Stories.

This year on April 23-25 marks the 10th Anniversary of the International Mobile Film Festival. The festival will take place online due to the pandemic, but it has an incredible lineup of 50 short films and 3 feature films, all shot with smartphones.

We are honored that S. Botello Productions™ has garnered a global reputation as a reputable company at the center of the still emerging mobile filmmaking industry. SBP works diligently and perseveres to bring the mobile filmmaking community around the globe opportunities to grow and succeed as filmmakers. But we could not do it alone. Were it not for our supporters and ambassadors, we could not have come so far. We are grateful to our team and ambassadors.

At the center of everything we experience is a story. Stories are always evolving. The only beginning and end to a story is the one that is told or the one we perceive.” January 2, 2020 | Susy Botello

“We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone.”

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