How to Get Noticed as a Mobile Filmmaker

Let’s discuss the features we have created for you on our newest platform. S. Botello Productions™ recently launched Mobile Film Stories to help people like you, making movies and videos using smartphone cameras (any brand), succeed.

Smart Storytelling by S. Botello Productions

Mobile Film Stories was created for the mobile filmmaker of today

Most filmmakers realize storytelling is empowering. Smartphone film and video can be persuasive as a process. While most filmmakers realize storytelling is empowering, they often get wrapped up by the “how.”

  • How do you make video look like this, or like that?
  • How do you get it to not shake?
  • How do I capture good audio?

It’s a bit of a game and it appears everyone is playing. But do you want to win this game? Or do you just want to hang around the toy, or tool, box and never leave?

Successful filmmakers know that in order to succeed in film they have to focus on their story first

The most successful filmmakers tell you that the camera is not the primary influencer to making their films. And they are correct. So if you don’t have a fancy camera, use what you got. And if you have a fancy camera, you also have a phone that won’t cost you your mortgage to turn that good story you can’t get financed into a film.

With smartphone technology constantly changing, apps and gear are always adapting. It’s often hard to focus on the most important part of your film: the story. Your story should drive your efforts to creating your content. There are only 24 hours in a day and you can’t spend them all adapting your film to the process. Putting in the time and effort to create a good story will help make your film better in the long run.

The secret to getting noticed is about captivating your audience and driving them into your space. 

Mobile Film Stories is a platform created as a space for you to benefit from, as a smartphone filmmaker. When your film(s) are accepted on the platform, you will receive a page that showcases your stories. A major benefit of this is that the URL to your page has your name in it, which is effective for Google searches. You can then captivate and grow your audience. You can then actively promote your page on social media, during interviews on podcasts, magazines, live streams or news outlets. 

Another benefit of promoting your Mobile Film Stories page is that you can take advantage of our platform’s authority and reputation in the global mobile filmmaking community. S. Botello Productions™ has built a good reputation in the community as a pioneer beginning in early 2009 with the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

Often, getting noticed in the larger community on social media, you’re not sure where the attention comes from. A lot of times it comes from others realizing you’re accepted in platforms that are not of your own creation, like Mobile Film Stories. This is similar to how guest bloggers writing in other blogs provide the guest blogger a sense of authority. Their inclusion on another reputable blog gives readers the perception that the other blog values your perspective, your skills and your voice. It’s an effective form of publicity–especially for mobile filmmakers that are trying to get noticed.

Getting eyes on you is better than getting eyes on just one of your films.

When people look your way and notice you, anything you produce will receive attention. Sure, you can make one film that turns heads in your direction. But that wears out fast. There are too many films in the ocean. Even the not-so-great films are enticing curiosity and a general thirst for stories. “Hey look, a new movie…I wonder if it’s good.” …and there they go.

Mobile Film Stories can help you bring eyes to your own space where your films shine. To others on social media, when we share your space and your films, they say, “Hey look at this filmmaker, she’s in our platform because she’s good.” Suddenly, you are getting noticed. At least for a minute you are getting eyes on you. In the entertainment industry, that minute is gold. You can ride that minute with momentum and ride it far and wide. It’s up to you to grab your time in the spotlight. 

When we shine the light on you and your stories on Mobile Film Stories and then promote you on social media, it’s an opportunity to grow and solidify your reputation. If you actively share our posts about you, you’re telling your followers, “See? It’s not just me who thinks I produce good stories making films with my smartphone!” That perception gives your followers a sense of validation to support your future films as well as your current films. It gives you a bit of authority in an ocean filled with mobile filmmakers. 

Made a new film? Get it on your Mobile Film Stories page and bring your audience back to watch it. They may also get a chance to watch previous films. 

All filmmakers learn by doing. Everything you learn making your films is reflected on your next film as you continue to make better films.

Persist and repeat.

They say “the early bird gets the worm.” Right now, Mobile Film Stories is young. Coming onboard now gives you an opportunity to get more attention from us than if it was filled with thousands of filmmakers. 

Think of all the work that YouTube members have to do to get subscribers. Think of the effort they have to dedicate to keep algorithms on their side, and how many millions are trying to do the same thing. What helps them succeed is the consistent work at creating content and marketing it. There are stories of exhaustion and suicide. We are far from YouTube and we don’t wish to be YouTube.

However, the wave and momentum you create sharing your films on our platform can dissipate. It’s up to you to bring more waves to your space on Mobile Film Stories to get you continually noticed.

You can bring more attention to your page on Mobile Film Stories by:

  • Remaining relevant by actively creating new content (new mobile films).
  • Continually sharing our social media posts that promote you and your films.
  • Building awareness by learning how to effectively use hashtags in your social media posts.
  • Actively promoting Mobile Film Stories to your followers and other mediums. 

To grow your fanbase as a content creator, means that you need to repeat yourself and keep sharing your content. Not necessarily in one day, but several times throughout your existence!

We should not compare a movie like E.T. as an example, but we will. Just know it’s not comparable. Most people know the filmmaker who made that movie. They know the story. They cried, they laughed, they felt things while they watched the movie and it was Steven Spielberg who everyone credits to the experience.

E.T. comes back and keeps coming back. There are anniversaries, GIFs, comparisons in media articles and social media mentions. When Steven Spielberg does an interview, don’t think it’s by accident that he mentions E.T. in the answer or a topic discussed. He is working it! He knows that he and all the top people in that film receive royalties (money), even though the film was made in the 80’s. They benefit from keeping E.T. alive.  

Your film is a story that can live forever. Don’t put it up on a shelf and let it collect dust. Adding your films to Mobile Film Stories gives you a space where you can keep your films and your name alive and active. 

As long as you persist and repeatedly share your films on Mobile Film Stories you will keep it alive. Maybe one person clicks on the link and watches your films and your stories moved them, influenced them or inspired them…and if they share that with their followers and their network, you could maybe go viral. While going viral is a long shot, at the very least, while your movies are on Mobile Film Stories, you’ll not only be getting noticed but earning revenue as well!

Earning revenue.

It’s not easy to earn revenue from your content on other platforms. You send your followers to your videos on your channel on YouTube and then they make a comment or click “like.” Lately, YouTube is putting ads on all videos and your story gets interrupted. 

But they consume your “product” for free. That’s fine, they get to know you. “Hi there! I like you.” When you go shopping there are free samples of products that you can try, and if you like them you’ll buy more. Imagine that someone pays even one dollar to watch your film and that they love it. No ads interrupting their experience. They will probably feel more comfortable telling their friends and other people.

Smartphone filmmakers are independent filmmakers. You’ll need to claw your way through other films vying for people’s attention that have a marketing budget and force that you cannot compare yours to. Even E.T., a blockbuster movie which was made many years ago, still grabs our attention today.

Other distribution platforms pay you depending on how long your viewers view your films. This is why distributors generally like feature films. The longer your film can retain a viewer the more you make and they make. But when it’s all said and done, what you end up making are pennies. 

Mobile Film Stories has put together a way where we evenly share what someone pays to view a film with the filmmaker. It’s a win-win for both of us. But it’s more of a win for you when you don’t just count the revenue. Because having your film on a shelf, instead of having your film off the shelf just collecting dust, is better for your brand as a filmmaker. You can find out more on how it works on the website.

You worked hard on your film. When your film is on our platform receiving our attention it’s up to you to keep it alive and active. We want you to make more films, of course. And we know you’re human and you have a life. It requires minimal effort on your part to keep pointing your audience to your space on our platform. You can add it to your website, blogs, social media links on your profiles, and mention it during interviews, events and networking conferences. Each time someone decides to watch your Pay-Per-View film, they are paying you, so why wouldn’t you?

Community is everything.

One of the best parts of Mobile Film Stories is the community. We added The Quad as a place where you and your audience can connect. 

Imagine watching a film that moves you, the story inspires you and the experience makes you want to thank the filmmaker. Where would you do that? Not everyone is on Twitter, or Facebook or Instagram. The fact is that not everyone, including you, is on every social media platform. Large social media platforms are noisy. There are Facebook groups but they are on Facebook, everyone is not on Facebook, remember? The Quad is open to everyone regardless of what other platforms they are on, or not on.

One thing we find in our film festival is that the audience during the Q&A sessions sometimes have questions and want to express them to the filmmakers. However, sometimes they are not willing to do that in a large atmosphere. Not everyone is comfortable speaking in public. But they are willing to walk up to the filmmakers in a smaller group and have a conversation with them. Some believe, and it could be true, that they are going to get a more personalized answer and reaction that way. Do you believe that too?

There are many people lurking on social media who never like or share our posts and tweets. However, they will click on the links and they will consume our content. The Quad is a space, a public forum, where anyone can join to become a member for free. 

The Quad is a public square to connect with other mobile filmmakers and enthusiasts too. Topics and discussions are focused on mobile filmmaking and smartphone video. 

It’s a space to collaborate with like-minded people and other filmmakers on projects, together. Collaborating on projects is a win-win for everyone involved, even your audience. Your films can be better than if you made them alone, receive more recognition, and widen your reach to promote it with your collaborators. If the profile you create on The Quad is set to your name, it influences Google searches for your name which can help you get found on search engines.

Connect your stories to your audience to inspire them.

Inspiring your audience to make their own films is a unique and valuable experience for filmmakers. Whoever watches a film shot with a smartphone realizes that they too have a camera like the one you used. Everything else is secondary. What inspires them the most is your story and their experience watching your film. And we have created a platform for you to share with your audience.

When your viewer is touched by a good story they may wish to do the same for others. 

Storytelling is human. It’s a form of expression. It goes way, way back to the beginning of our human existence. The power of storytelling which has given people fame and influence throughout time is in your hands now. You can actually shift the direction of your community or the world, with a good story. Going viral is not a science, which is why no one really has the answer as to how that happens. But if you catch the momentum of a moment you can ride the wave to your benefit. 

One thing is for sure, we are currently watching the world turn with videos shot with smartphones and the stories they tell. Grab your phone and share a good story that can be entertaining, influential and provoke empathy. Inspiring others can help get you noticed. 

Get your films into Mobile Film Stories and become a member of The Quad. Let’s connect, and let’s inspire one another.

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