Groundbreaking Smartphone Movie Streaming Service

Groundbreaking platform (MFS) launched September 8th to provide new opportunities to people using smartphones to film their content.

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The platform is the first streaming service in the world exclusively for smartphone movies and videos. S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is a pioneer in the niche mobile filmmaking industry since launching the first live venue international film festival based in San Diego, for only films shot with mobile phones.

“With the exponential growth of smartphone usage, the market and consumer demand for mobile films is on the verge of skyrocketing internationally, especially with new advances in mobile, digital and virtual technology,” says Susy Botello, the pioneering founder and CEO of S. Botello Productions™.

Mobile Film Stories has been an idea Susy Botello drafted in 2013 and organized over the years. In the summer of 2019, SBP (2006) took the project back to the drafting table alongside its team. What really brought it through the goal line was the 2020 global pandemic COVID-19 virus.

Just a few weeks before IMFF 2020 was set to begin during the last weekend in April in San Diego, the governor of California announced a lockdown for the entire state. The team scrambled to design a virtual version of the festival. They succeeded adding all the films online, including two feature length films and 26 shorts. The filmmakers, in different time zones around the world, gathered on time to watch the films live and celebrated their accomplishments.

Festival Honorary Ambassadors Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow in New Zealand participated in the festival.

Other participants were Dude Vader and Hot Nerd Girl, of Star Wars Steampunk Universe from San Diego; and judges from the festival Stephanie Reibel, Steven Palmer Peterson, Demetrius Witherspoon and Maxim Mussel.

Within days after the festival, the SBP Team quickly switched gears to launch the streaming service this fall.

The streaming service is both a distribution platform and a space for filmmakers and their audience to collaborate. Filmmakers earn revenue when their films are added behind a paywall.

“Mobile films are the next big thing for the future of the film industry,” says Susy Botello. “ allows people to view the best mobile films and videos from around the world, support their favorite filmmakers through our Pay Per View showcase, and learn more about the expanding field of smartphone filmmaking.”

The number of smartphone users worldwide is estimated to be nearly 4 billion by 2021, according to, and “is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.” Moreover, about 96% of Americans across a broad range of demographic groups own smartphones, according to Pew Research.

Founding filmmaker Inga Vosk from St. Petersburg, Russia brought her feature length film (85 minutes) to the platform behind a paywall for Pay Per View (PPV).

Movie Poster inserted into image of teens in car in country scene
“#STEALTH” won Best Feature Film Award during IMFF 2020

“I am thrilled to have our film #STEALTH featured on This new multimedia platform is more than huge!” Says Inga Vosk.

Founding filmmaker, Conrad Mess in Zaragoza, Spain brought three short films to the platform as Video On Demand (VOD) and one PPV.

Movie poster Time To Pay Off Debts by Conrad Mess
“Time To Pay Off Debts” was shot in New York with iPhones.

“ is the best platform for smartphone filmmakers to gain global recognition and increase their earnings.” Says Conrad Mess.

Among its many benefits, MFS allows mobile filmmakers to:

  • Showcase their films on an internationally-recognized and accessible platform,
  • Generate PPV revenue from their projects on a recurring basis,
  • Inspire others by example to use smartphones to tell their own stories, and
  • Find potential collaborators worldwide for mobile film projects through “The Quad.”
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Curious about smartphone filming? Register free to join “The Quad” and collaborate with other members.

One of the unique features of Mobile Film Stories is “The Quad,” a space dedicated as a public forum for smartphone content creators and website visitors inspired to use their own smartphones to make films and videos.

Through collaboration on a dedicated space, filmmakers can share tips, advice, projects, needs and resources. Registration is free. Each registered member has a profile with their photo, and link to their website.

“As trailblazers in this trending industry, we are well ahead of the curve and well connected to the increasing community of mobile filmmaking professionals around the world,” says Botello. “We are excited to empower storytellers anywhere on the planet to reach their full creative potential through the novel art of mobile filmmaking.”

“At the center of everything we experience is a story. Stories are always evolving. The only beginning and end to a story is the one that is told or the one we perceive.” Susy Botello, January 2, 2020.

Owner/CEO of S. Botello Productions™ (2006), Susy Botello, created International Mobile Film Festival (2009) as the centerpiece of an organic strategy to expand and support mobile filmmaking as a distinctive art form worldwide. She also created programs like the Mobile Film School (2012) and is host of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking (2017).

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