Inspiring Filmmaking Storytellers

IMFF 2019 2160X1080 web

There are many events which can inspire a storyteller. There are stories all around us. But if you are told the best way to share a story around the world is by learning how to write very well…there is an alternative. Be inspired by storytellers who are making films using their smartphone cameras all around the world!

San Diego’s got an international film festival which is global. It only accepts films shot with smartphone cameras and it’s hosting the 8th edition April 27 & 28, 2019 in beautiful San Diego.

The International Mobile Film Festival will screen 31 short films and feature films, all shot with smartphones. 15 plus filmmakers representing the films will be in attendance and you can meet them in person. A Q & A Panel with all the filmmakers and multiple Q & A sessions and presentations with special guest speakers and a workshop make the festival a necessity for anyone who has ever wondered about making movies and videos with their phone. If you have been thinking about it…join people from around the globe who are already doing it.

Get the details and don’t miss this great annual event!

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