A Voice for A Community

Launching a company based around an idea and concept was a bit of a dare on my part. That dare was a two-way street. I dared myself to create an industry by daring people to be a part of it. It may sound bold. It wasn’t about being bold. It was about creating something that was missing which would make the world better, or so I thought.

I went ahead and began putting together a platform that would dare people to make films for a film festival which only accepted films shot with mobile phones and I told people around the world that if they were willing to try and made a decent film, I would roll out the red carpet for them in San Diego and put their films on a big screen. My goal was to give daring, creative, innovative filmmakers the respect all filmmakers get when they make a movie.

I didn’t realize how much patience it would take. I never considered myself patient. Anyone who knows me knows I am a busy human being filled with energy and I’ve been like that my entire life. Everywhere I went I tried to “sell” my idea and share the platform. I am not sure exactly what people thought of me or my idea because they would say, “Oh that is a cute idea” or something like that. But nobody really took it seriously enough to actually make a cinematic film using their phone as the camera. At least not at first. Today, I mention this to people and most have heard of it. There are professionals debating the concept and considering it now.

An international film festival is a great venue and San Diego has much to offer. It attracts tourism and the weather is inviting for events. But not everyone can make it out during the one weekend a year when the film festival takes place. While filmmakers do come, not all of them are able to. The Q&A Panel and networking that takes place is amazing. There is nothing like meeting others you have heard of or met online. It’s like a well-rounded connection opportunity.

I seek a solution to almost any dilemma I encounter. I have blogs where I write about filmmakers who shoot with their phones. I interview some of them when they come to our film festival using my phone and edit them into short videos. But something was lacking that I was not at all sure how to accomplish. The in-depth conversation was missing…


After much research, testing, planning and hair pulling, the SBP Podcast for Mobile Film was finally launched last night. I think it took a few people by surprise because I didn’t talk much about it and did not publicize it. I realize the things I need to work on with it. However, the jest of the podcast is for you to learn from the show and to be inspired…and a bit entertained as well. Most importantly, it has a mission to give a voice. I expect to interview more filmmakers who are shooting films with their phones and others in the mobile film industry to share their stories.

I hope that this inspires you to give it your best shot. This is your platform. Everyone who is a part of this emerging industry is gifting the world with amazing stories told through the lens on a smartphone camera. We want you to be a part of that world and share your own stories through film. We have a lot to learn from each other and our stories can help us understand each other better through the film medium.

I hope you will listen to our podcast show episodes no matter where you are. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play and a few other podcasting platforms as well. Be inspired. The red carpet is in your pocket!™ www.sbppodcast.studio

Originally posted on beBee.com by Susan Botello October 28, 2017


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